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Access to Public Information

The National Atomic Energy Agency makes available public information in accordance with principles and procedures laid down in The Act of Parliament on Access to Public Information. Under the aforementioned Act, public information constitutes each piece of information concerning public affairs.  

How is public information made available?

Publishing information in the Public Information Bulletin of the National Atomic Energy Agency is the basic form of sharing public information. The Bulletin contains both information which must be published in the PIB under the provisions of the Act of Parliament on Access to Public Information and information required by other provisions (inter alia, Atomic Law Act, Act on Sharing Information about the Environment and Environmental Protection, Participation of the Public in Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessments) and remaining information constituting public information.

Public information which has not been published in the Public Information Bulletin is made available at the request of the interested party, however, the information which may be shared promptly is made available in the oral or written form without a written application.

How to submit an application to share public information?

The information requested could have been already published in the Public Information Bulletin or on the dedicated Internet sites of the National Atomic Energy Agency. Before submitting an application, please make sure that the requested information has not been already published.

The application should indicate how the required public information is to be made available (for example by indicating the type of electronic carrier).

The application may be submitted using one of the following methods:

  • It may be submitted in person to the General Office of the National Atomic Energy Agency, address:
    Warsaw, ul. Krucza 36, room 46
  • By mail sent to the following address:
    Państwowa Agencja Atomistyki
    ul. Krucza 36
    00-522 Warszawa
  • By fax sent to the following number:
    22 695 98 56
  • By means of an electronic mail to the address:
  • By means of ePUAP

Terms and forms of sharing public information

The requested information is made available without unreasonable delay, however not later than within 14 days from the submission of an application. In the event when the public information may not be made available within the time period specified above, the PAA must inform the applicant in this period about the reasons for delay and about a new deadline for providing information which may not be longer than 2 months from the submission of application.

In response to submitted application, the public information is made available using one of the methods indicated by the applicant in the application unless technical means which the PAA possesses make it impossible to provide information in this way.


Access to public information is free, except for situations when the PAA, as a result of sharing requested public information, is to incur additional costs relating to the method of sharing, as specified in the application, or when it is necessary to transform the information in the form determined in the application. The PAA may charge the applicant with a fee whose amount is equivalent of incurred costs. 

This being the case, the PAA within 14 days from the submission of application informs the applicant about the amount payable. The information is made available, in accordance with the application, after 14 days from notification to the applicant unless the applicant changes their application in terms of method and form of sharing information or withdraws the application.   

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