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Activities with Ionizing Radiation Sources

The conduct of activities involving real and potential exposure to ionizing radiation from artificial radioactive sources, nuclear material, devices generating ionizing radiation, radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel is possible after the application of specific measures, as defined by the provisions of laws, for ensuring safety and protection of human life and health as well as ensuring the safety of property and environmental protection.  

In accordance with Article 63 Section 1 of the Atomic Law Act, activities, which result, or may result, in the exposure of humans and environment to ionizing radiation are  subject to supervision and inspection of state authorities from the viewpoint of nuclear safety and radiological protection, except for cases specified in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 6 August 2002 on cases when activities involving ionizing radiation are not subject to licensing or notification procedure and cases when such activities may be conducted on the basis of notification (Journal of Laws, No 137, Item 1153).  

Basic tasks of the PAA President in respect of exercising supervision over activities involving ionizing radiation include:

  • issuing licenses and other decisions in the matters involving nuclear safety and radiological protection following analysis and assessment of applications submitted by users of ionizing radiation sources and associated documentation   
  • preparing and conducting inspections in organizational entities conducting activities involving exposure.   
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