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The nuclear safety and radiological protection system includes all legal, organizational and technological activities which ensure proper state of nuclear and radiological safety.

Operation of nuclear facilities, in Poland and abroad and other activities involving ionizing radiation sources may pose threats to nuclear safety.

In Poland, all issues connected with radiological protection or the environmental radiation monitoring are, under the binding provisions of law, considered jointly with the issue of nuclear safety, physical protection and protection of nuclear materials. Thanks to this solution, there is one common approach to all aspects of radiological protection, nuclear safety, protection of nuclear materials and radioactive sources and thus all the nuclear regulatory activities are consolidated into one regulatory system.

The Atomic Law Act and its secondary legislation, the European Union directives and regulations as well as treaties and international conventions to which Poland is a party constitute legal basis for nuclear safety and radiological protection system. 

Regulatory oversight of activities involving nuclear materials and ionizing radiation sources constitutes the key element of nuclear safety and radiological protection system. This supervision is exercised by means of:

  • issuance of decisions on licenses concerning the performance of these activities or their registration,
  • issuance of authorizations to be employed in positions important from the viewpoint of nuclear safety and radiological protection,
  • control over the manner in which activities are performed, and, if necessary, enforcement measures
  • Participation in development of legal acts and recommendations regulating these activities. 

Furthermore, oversight of these activities includes:  

  • control over doses absorbed by workers,
  • control over the trade in radioactive materials,
  • maintenance of radioactive sources registry and users of radioactive sources registry and central registry of individual doses
  • in case of activities involving nuclear materials also the maintenance of detailed records and accountancy of these materials, approval of nuclear materials physical protection systems and control of technologies applied,
  • recognition and assessment of the national radiation situation,
  • maintenance of suitable services prepared to recognize and assess the national radiation situation and to respond in case of radiation events (in cooperation with other suitable authorities and services operating within the framework of national emergency response system)
  • performance of tasks aimed at the fulfilment of obligations of the Republic of Poland under treaties, conventions and international agreements on nuclear safety and radiological protection, and bilateral agreements

Pursuant to binding provisions of Polish laws, the aforementioned tasks are performed by the PAA President. Exceptionally, the PAA President’s oversight of activities involving ionizing radiation sources is not required in case of applications of X-ray devices for the purposes of medical diagnostics, interventional radiology, surface radiology, surface radiotherapy and radiotherapy of non-cancerous diseases. The supervision over the said activities is exercised by the national Regional Sanitary Inspectorates (or services in charge which report to the Minister of National Defence and Minister of Interior).    

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