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Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection

The Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection acts as the consulting and opinion-giving body of the President of National Atomic Energy Agency. It performs its activities on the basis of Article 112 of the Act of Parliament of 29 November 2000 – the Atomic Law (Journal of Laws of 2012 Item 264) and the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 18 November 2011 on the Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection (Journal of Laws of 2011, No 279, Item 1643).

The Council’s tasks include in particular: issuing opinions with regard to a draft version of licenses for construction, commissioning, operation or decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and also draft version of legal acts and organizational and technical recommendations developed by the PAA President. In addition, the Council may independently submit initiatives concerning improvements in activities of nuclear regulatory bodies.

The Council consists of distinguished experts in nuclear safety, radiological protection, physical protection and nuclear material safeguards, and other disciplines important from the viewpoint of nuclear safety and radiological protection supervision.

The Council is elected for the period of 4 years. Its members are appointed by the Minister for Environment.

The Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection consists of a chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary and not more than seven members.


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