EWA Reactor

Wersja do wydruku

Apart from MARIA reactor, in years 1958-1995 EWA research reactor was also operated at the Institute of Nuclear Research (later – the Institute of Atomic Energy and since 2011 the National Centre for Nuclear Research). Initially, the reactor’s thermal power was 2 MWt, later it was increased to 10 MW.

Started in 1997, the process of reactor decommissioning reached in 2002 the state which is said to be the end of the second phase. It means that nuclear fuel and all irradiated structures and components, whose activity level might have been hazardous from the viewpoint of radiological protection, were removed from the reactor. Further works were suspended and as for now it is not planned to continue the decommissioning process up to the state of “green grass” (third phase) because there are projects to install a dry storage of spent nuclear fuel from EWA and MARIA reactors in the body of biological containment of the reactor.  

Hala reaktora EWA
Ewa reactor hall