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PAA Chairman Andrzej Przybycin met with regulatory authority of Czech Republic, SUJB

On 13 -14 July 2017 a meeting of representatives of Czech nuclear regulatory body SUJB (Státní úřadu pro jadernou bezpečnost) with the delegation of the National Atomic Energy Agency was held.

The meeting, which was carried out under the agreement between the Government of the Polish Republic and the Government of the Czech Republic on early notification of nuclear accident on exchange information of peaceful using of nuclear energy and  nuclear safety and radiation protection, was chaired by the heads of both regulatory bodies Dana Drábová and Andrzej Przybycin.

On the first day of the meeting in Prague, information on the latest organizational and legal arrangements in both institutions was exchanged. Also issues related to the topical peer reviews of nuclear installations (requirement of the Euratom Directive), challenges and difficulties of transposition of the BSS directive into national legal systems were discussed. The Czech side presented the state of preparation for the process of licensing new installations. Both delegations presented the results of IRRS follow-up missions recently completed in Czech and Polish nuclear regulators. The PAA delegation also presented a proposal to organize, in the Czech institutions, on-the-job training for PAA inspectors.

On the second day of the visit the PAA delegation had a technical visit at the Temelin nuclear power plant, accompanied by Czech inspectors.


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