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Ms Ewa Paluch, Vice-President of the PAA, takes part in the 4th ENSREG Conference on Nuclear Safety in Brussels

Ms Ewa Paluch, Vice-President of the National Atomic Energy Agency, participates in the 4th ENSREG conference - the most important European Union event on nuclear safety. The conference takes place in Brussels on 28-29 June 2017.

The purpose of the conference is to exchange views and experiences on nuclear safety in Europe in a global context. The conference allows discussion on current issues of the nuclear sector and safety issues with variety of stakeholders. The conference is attended not only by representatives of nuclear regulators from the EU but also from representatives of the nuclear sector, NGOs, scientific institutions and representatives of governments from the EU Member States (MS).

The main issues are potential challenges in regulating nuclear safety, key changes in the EU policies, and issues of nuclear safety in the process of life time extension of nuclear installations.

ENSREG (European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group) is an independent, expert body set up in 2007. It consists of senior officials from national regulators competent in nuclear safety, safe management of radioactive waste and radiological protection, from all 28 EU MS and representatives of the European Commission.

ENSREG Conference is organized biennially.

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