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International expert teamhave confirmed: Poland strengthen their regulatory framework for nuclear safety and radiological protection

On June 23, 2017 in 8 days long IRRS follow-up mission has been conducted. Representatives of International Agency of Atomic Energy (IAEA) have evaluated how Poland implemented recommendations and suggestions given by peer review mission in 2013.

Experts agreed that actions taken up by Polish institutions are worth recognition as all recommendations and suggestions from 2013 mission have been considered in Polish state nuclear regulatory system.

“The positive results of this follow-up review provide the PAA with another confirmation of the good direction of our efforts in improving the national safety framework,” PAA President Andrzej Przybycin said. “By implementing all recommendations and suggestions from the original mission in 2013, we have improved our readiness to be one of the crucial stakeholders of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme.

“After a thorough review, the team concluded that Poland had either fully implemented the 31 recommendations and suggestions from 2013 or made sufficient progress to establish confidence in their effective completion,” said team leader Robert Lewis, who is the Assistant for Operations at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “This very strong result is indicative of the PAA’s commitment to its nuclear safety and radiological protection mission and to the principles of learning from one another that underlie the IRRS programme.”

As the result of conducted interviews and documents analyses, experts suggested  clarification of selected detailed regulations (e.g organizational and technical recommendations of the PAA President) and ensuring of resources for continuation of development of integrated management system in the office. They have also identified a number of noteworthy initiatives like strengthen of the safety culture and international cooperation as well as actions taken to implement integrated management system.


IRRS mechanism has been established by IAEA to strengthen the effectiveness of the infrastructure of the Member States related to the safety of the nuclear materials, sources and radioactive waste at the same time emphasizing member states responsibility for safety of those materials (and their transport) on their territories. For this purpose IRRS review includes a comparison of the legal, technical and policy arrangements applied in each country with the IAEA standards and good practices.

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