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Summary of 60th IAEA General Conference

On 26-30th September 2016 in Vienna the jubilee, 60th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency was held, during which a number of the meetings important for the PAA took place.

Polish delegation during the 60th IAEA General Conference. From the left: PAA President A. Przybycin, Deputy Minister of Energy A. Piotrowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United Nations A. Bugajski. At the back, from the left: Counsellor, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Poland J. Sawicz and Director of Nuclear Energy Department in the Ministry of Energy J. Sobolewski.

Undersecretary of State, Minister Andrzej Piotrowski – Head of the Polish delegation for 60th  IAEA General Conference is giving his speech.

During the Conference the Polish exhibition titled POLSKA Safe and Innovative was organized.

Opening of the Exhibition by PAA President Andrzej Przybycin and Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United Nations Adam Bugajski.

Polish delegates and IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano.

The Exhibition accompanying the IAEA General Conference was organized by the National Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the United Nations Office and International Organizations in Vienna, the National Centre for Nuclear Research, the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection, Ministry of Energy and PGE EJ 1. We invite you to see the multimedia presentation promoting POLSKA Safe and Innovative Exhibition.

During the IAEA General Conference, on 28th September 2016 the Arrangement between the President of the National Atomic Energy Agency of the Republic of Poland and the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the Exchange of Technical Information and Cooperation in Nuclear Safety Matters was concluded. The Arrangement will enable trainings and on-the-job trainings in the American nuclear regulatory authority for the PAA employees. The PAA will also have an access to American computer codes to carry out safety analyses.

NRC Chairman Stephen G. Burns and PAA President Andrzej Przybycin after international agreement signing.

At the meeting on 28th September 2016 of the PAA President Andrzej Przybycin with Mr Hans Wanner, head of the Swiss Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ENSI), the issues of cooperation in the scope of an integrated management system for nuclear regulatory authority and the possibility of organizing on-the-job trainings for the PAA employees were discussed. The meeting was concluded by signing of the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the above mentioned fields of cooperation.

ENSI Director General Hans Wanner and PAA President Andrzej Przybycin after signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

The IAEA General Conference was also an occasion to a bilateral meeting of the PAA Acting President Andrzej Przybycin with Mr Fredrik Hassel, Deputy Head of Swedish nuclear regulatory authority. The meeting was devoted to the discussion of the possibility of signing the so called Memorandum of Understanding, enabling the development of current bilateral cooperation with Sweden, including the possibility of organizing on-the-job trainings in Sweden for the PAA employees. Thanks to such trainings the  PAA experts would be able to get to know the aspects of functioning of the nuclear regulator in practice, in the country with a developed nuclear energy industry.

On 29th September 2016 PAA President Andrzej Przybycin participated in the debate under the Senior Regulators’ Meeting framework. The participants discussed the role that may be played by the countries implementing nuclear industry in the global system of use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. President Przybycin set out his view on the readiness of the PAA to implement the tasks of nuclear regulatory authority and the challenges for the Polish nuclear regulatory authority under the framework of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme. He emphasized a significant and noticeable role of technical assistance given by the IAEA to Poland in this regard.

Mr Jean-Luc Lachaume, Chairman of Regulatory Cooperation Forum and Mr Andrzej Przybycin, PAA President after the debate during the Senior Regulators' Meeting.

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